Facility specification

The entire property consists of the following:

  • 7647 sq meters of land, which is fenced
  • The manufacturing facility which is 1200 sq.m.
  • The facility includes office, storage facility (wall thickness is appropriate for storing powder or other explosives)
  • Separate building is used as a guard tower

The facility has the following features:

  • Connected to the own electrical transformer station with the 4.5 kW
  • Has own builder room, connected to gas station
  • The facility was partly renovated and is completely up to standards

The entire property was classified as appropriate for ammunition manufacturing, according to its current state, the local ministry of defense issued the ML3 license.

The entire territory is guarded 24 hours a week, a security guard is present at all time.

The property is not entirely in use, and it offers place and possibility for future development and growth.

Legal aspects

  • The company has a 100% private ownership. The land, buildings and the machinery belongs entirely to Vladcom.
  • Vladcom has undercome numerous checks from Latvian authorities and was issued an ML3 license, allowing to produce small ammunition.

Geographic location

  • The plant is situated in Kalnciems, Latvia, 30km away from Riga
  • The facility is connected to all the municipal and federal road systems
  • Riga offers a wide range of ports, with unlimited shipping destinations
  • The facility is located in the area of the very low population density

VLADCOM L.t.d. - The art of precision


Products specification

Vladcom Ltd. offer un-primed .223 Rem / 5.56mm cases:

  • Manufactured on the modern machinery, using all necessary quality control procedures;
  • Neck-annealed and are ready to load;
  • Your desired heading on cases.

The maximum capacity of the plant ios 40 million p/ annualy. The projected amount is 20-30 million p./annually.

Having in possession unique machines, that are specifically designed for our needs, we are able to keep high industry level of product quality.

Case wall thickness and concentricity is extremely crucial for a precise shot, for that reason our products are manufactured with very strict tolerances.

Our products are made of high-quality brass, with a level of impurity less than 0.1% for increasing storage life.

Every single case is annealed separately and has proper hardness level.

We are able to take orders and supply cases in a very short period of time, as well as in small lots.

Our qualified employees have explicit experience in manufacturing own machines. This makes us confident, that our factory will operate without stops and we will be able to fulfill our orders in time.

In addition, there is necessary machinery for producing and fixing the tooling, for instance Knuth grinding machines and many other.

VLADCOM is planning
to start production
of case .308 in 2019

Case anatomy

  1. Case head — has a maximum hardness and will not he damaged even after multiple usage. Flash holes are made it. Case moMh is chamfered on with a very tight tolerance and both sides for precise bullet is perfectly centered.
  2. Case body — hardness level is perfectly adjusted: the material is not hard enough for cracks to appear and not soft enough for unnecessary stretching. Full-body annealing is performed on specifically designed machine in multi-zone inductor.
  3. Case mouth — annealed to make brass softer in special inductor, that was designed by our team. This allows to hold bullet securely for many years and prevents leak of gas. Wall thickness is controlled with strict tolerances.
  4. Case mouth is chamfered on both sides for precise bullet installadon

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